Wings. Part 2

The voice came from a tall man his hair was a silvery white and he had one white feathery  wing the other black and leathery. One eye was a piercing blue the other a deep black that if you weren’t careful you could fall into. Max came out, he looked up expectantly at the voice ignoring the fact I had huge grey scaled wings. Grey… that was the problem. I looked around, one side was full of people with blonde, or white hair and blue eyes and white feathery wings. The other side was full of dark hair and dark eyes with black, dark purple, or dark red leathery wings. My wings currently had scales and were grey. My hair was short and cropped around the face I had no idea what color my hair was. “Max, what is this creature and what is to be done?” The voice said. “Rakmend Blasdel, I believe this creature is a winged one like everyone in this hall. Which side she is I am not sure.”  “Max do what it ever it take to find out what it is.” Rakmend called me a “it”! Max walked closer to me.  “close your wings and turn around.” “No.” I said I decided that I would not be blindfolded again.  “Only I can cut that string around your wrist.” Max said, that was his mistake. My right wing shot out and cut Max’s arm, blood immediately covered the horn. The blood covered horn quickly and easily cut through the string. Flapping my wings a few time I rose to the white marble stand on which Rakmend stood. “I am not a “it” ” I whispered quietly then I plummeted down to the platform I had been standing on before. “Now I will go.” I told Max. Smaller, much smaller She thought. and her wings became small wings the size of two hands. Max turns without a word and walks out. I follow him through the archway I assume was the way we got in. He turns down a dark hallway and in to a room with nothing in it. As soon as I walking in he turned around and closed the door. “What are you?” He asked. “Who’s child are you?” “Wha…?” I said confused. “Tell me the story of your life.”  Max said with limited patience. “Um.. My mom is Victoria, my is Ruth I ran away from home when I was 14 almost 15 I died when I was 16…” I said unsure of what else to say.  “Did you have sibling, why did you run away?” Max asked straight faced. “I have a brother Falkner. I ran away because my parents hated me. I think they hated me because I was different…” I said  “advena puer” He muttered “Perfect she will be my guard, teach her!” The voice said


Rose Huston was dying she knew. She had no idea how but one morning she woke up and thought, “I’m going to die today.” She wasn’t sad or worried. She didn’t call her family, they hated her. She didn’t finish her bucket list, she have one She poured a can of soda into a wine glass and grabbed her favorite book. She curled up on the old fuzzy scarlet sofa and began to read. Around 2 pm she noticed her curtain of black hair almost covering something. She looked up to see a silver angel. “Rose Huston, 16 years old, black hair, brown eyes, one half Native American, one half Swedish?” The angel looked up with tired eyes. “My name is Darrin Coast and you… are about to die.” he looked at her expectantly.”Okay.” She said continuing to read her book. He looked at her in awe for calmness then continued. “My job is to brief you on what to do once you die. You will first find yourself in a jail, you will them be taken into a court room, they will inspect your wings and decide what will happen to you. Then…” Before the angel named Darrin could finish Rose died. Her life didn’t flash before her eyes and she didn’t see a tunnel with heaven at the end. She felt her heart stop and heard the angel gasp, she felt the angel shake her body and she tasted him put a coin in her mouth it was sour. Then it all stopped, it was dark and she felt as if a wind was blowing her. Then she opened her eyes to find her body being inspected by her family. Her mother beautiful as ever, her father blake as ever. They were exactly as she had left them last December when she ran away. Then she saw her little brother and it broke her heart. She saw his now handsome face filled with sadness. She heard a police officer say,”It doesn’t look like a murder we are unsure of cause of death.”Her mother made a show of dabbing her face with handkerchief wiping up non-existent tears. Her brother walked forward and knelt before her and said, “Goodbye Rose.” and he gently closed her eyes. She felt her body get heavy with sleep and this time when she opened her eyes again she was in a jail cell. She was laying against the wall, the floor was dirt and her hands were chained to the wall with steel cuffs chained to the wall. She was wearing a sky blue halter dress that looked like a waterfall pooling around her bear feet. With a natuarl ease curls her wings about her body, ducking her head beneath her wing-blanket and quickly fell black to sleep. Rose opened her eyes when she heard someone walking up, “Come Rose time to get tested… AHHHHHHH!!!!!” The man without wings screamed and he ran into another room. She could barley hear him yell, “Wings… not… either…. help… won’t…. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” She could hear his voice slowly disappear. She pulled her wings into her back and they disappeared. A woman without wings calmly walked into the room and looked at Rose for only a moment then left. Moments later a wingless man came in with a strip of worn but clean cotton. “Turn around.” he said. He didn’t introduce himself he didn’t fake kindness. using a key he opened the door and walked up to her back. He blindfolded her using the strip then unlocked the chains then he tied what appeared to be a simple piece of string around her wrist. He guided her out of the cell and into a large room. The crowd silenced and she felt the piece of string being tied to a post and she heard him leave. “Are you Rose Huston?” A deep voice asked. “Yes.” she said “What did you do to have attention of Max Riddle?” “Sir?” She asked sounding confused even though she was pretty sure she knew what he meant. “Max Riddle only takes people like you if no one else will.” “I have no idea why, likely because I can’t see a thing.” She said in hopes they would remove the blindfold. “Show us your wings Rose.” Trying to buy time for reason she was unsure of she asked, “Who is us?” “The Judges.” Rose slowly opened her wings slowly. Then she felt stones being pelted upon her. Protect me! She thought. She felt her wings quickly become big enough to cover her whole body. The once soft feathers became hard scales with sharp horns that she used to cut her blindfold. HISSSSSSSS!!!!!!! The noise sounded through the whole hall which she now saw was packed. They stopped throwing stones. She noticed she was the one making the sound and stopped. “MAX! Get in here!” The deep voice yelled.

How Pidge-John came to be.

Also known as the story of the pigeon.

Long ago, long before humans could talk there was a island and on this island there were only to species of birds: the high and mightily Black Raven, and the pure and holy white Gulls. The two kinds of birds could not find peace because of there differences but they would not declare war for fear of extinction. King Sea of Gull loved the ocean and the fish, Queen Corvus of Raven Hill loved the green grass and tall trees. Queen Corvus and King Sea could not find a middle ground so they fought and fought and fought unaware of their birdoms. Princess Pidge of Gull hated the sea, it was too salty and wet so she flew to a small field. Prince John of Raven Hill couldn’t find a moments peace, “Prince are you hungery?” Prince this, Prince that. So he flew to a near by field where he met Princess Pidge. And they quickly fell in love. It was a Romeo and Juliet romance for love between the two birdoms was for bidden. However when mating season came the Prince and Princess got married and not long after Princess Pidge had a single egg in her nest, she feared new her hybrid child would not be welcome by the ocean so she grabbed each side of the nest with her talons and carried the nest to field where she dropped the nest in a tree. Then she cried out “Prince, Prince Come, Come!” From where the Prince had been sulking he heard her call and flew to her. “Prince stay here and raise our only child with me.” She begged him. “I will stay.” He said. So they both stayed and when the egg hatched they watched as a ugly gray baby emerged but they new the baby boys feathers where not fully developed yet. They named there baby son Pidge-John. They fed and raised him for a year. During which time more and more Gulls and Ravens came and mated. There was to be King Pidge-John but days before his crowning he told bis mother and father. “mommy, daddy I wish to change my name to Pigeon.” At first The ex-prince and the ex-princess were not sure because they had never heard of such a name but they agreed. And so King Pigeon of the Adapt Field came into reign.

Beautiful Death

It starts with the death of my father, Richard. I was 9. I remember at the funeral my mother knelt before his grave, dug a hole, dropped something in it, and buried it. 6 years later I know. After his death we moved from our house in California to Ohio. I hate Ohio. My wavy blond hair went poof! For 6 years I had horrible curly frizzy hair. UGG! During the 6 years in Ohio mom was quiet, we joined a community of people who looked like they were forever in mourning. My mom became one of them. She wore black robes and stayed up late every night. She kept secrets. Yesterday we arrived in California, what I saw scared me. Mom took me to the graveyard. The whole thing, a mile each way was covered in a black rose bush, even the roses where black. It was beautiful, but it was scary. Then mom took my hand and dragged me to the stone that said Richard Pewick 1958-20 The rest was covered with the bush. Right where mom had dug the hole 6 years ago a black stem protruded. Mom planted the bush. That scared me. But here is the worst part, mom just told me that she’s a necromancer, I am going to be the strongest necromancer of all time. I will be my job to bring the dead back to life.  Geez A lot of pressure on a 15 year old girl.

A Stone Love

Every girl in high school know the statue that sits on a bench over looking the ocean. It’s a stone statue of a boy, in his arm there is just enough room for a 15 year old girl. I was 10 when I planted a camera five feet from the boy. One after noon I watched hours of videos of girls of all ages walking down the rocks, curling up in his arms and talking to him or just sitting in silence. The stone boy is called Aeternum it means forever in Latin. There is a silent rule, no one can call him anything else, if you do you are shunned until you ask him for forgiveness, and  he always forgives. They  treat him as if he is real, but he has no enemies. Fathers like him better then any boyfriend, mothers know everyone needs someone, and boyfriends are just ignorant of the whole thing. Any graffiti is promptly scrubbed off. All this changed last year. Someone built a beautiful girl made of sand that fit perfectly in his arms. No one knocks her down because she his so beautiful. No one can sit with him, and they can’t talk to him because of her, she is called Clepta, thief in Latin. A Stone Love, a love story that ends a tragedy.

“A thing of Darkness” 1

I guess the story stars early October.  It starts with me, Fay and my younger sister Diana. I am a plain scheming 13 year old girl who has a over active imagination. My sister Diana who loves me very much, is popular, smart, and pretty with her long curly hair. I recently stopped traveling with my dad so I am starting school in a small town in California. I live with my sister who doesn’t travel and my mom who divorced my dad. Anyway I was walking Diana to school as it is on the way to the old middle school. Today’s my first day and it already sucks. Dad always did the wash on Saturday, mom does the wash on Monday. Today! So most of my t-shirts are in the wash so I’m wearing a black three quarter sleeve t-shirt and dark blue jeans, then as a jacket I am wearing a black cloak! I drop Diana off at the gate and start heading to the middle school. I can literally hear everyone whispering, half are whispering about the new girl, me. The other half are whispering about the girl in the black cloak, me again. Now boys are not my  speciality  but when their mouths hang open and most of them are whispering, “Who is THAT?!” You get the idea you made a impression. As for the girls, the ones with boys are giving me the death glare. All the other girls look like they want to be me. The teachers hated me on sight. When I met the Vice principle the first thing he said was, “We do not except bad behavior at this school.” The teachers put me in the front of the class so I wouldn’t pass notes. Whom would I pass notes to, I don’t know anyone! In english I learned more from all the notes I was getting from different boys then from the teacher. In math I got a larger number of notes then questions on the quiz. But I must say that geography was my favorite class. The teacher noticed the rather large number of notes on my desk. It when like this.

“Fay, would you like to bless us with your attention instead of all those notes.”  I smiled, “Mr. Rain I do not even know the people I am getting these notes from, however since you are talking about Sweden so much may I ask if you have a connection there?” He smiled back in a you are playing with fire sort of way. “You may ask but that doesn’t mean I will answer.” I raised my eyebrow, “Sir I don’t  normally attack a unarmed man in a battle of wits but I must ask, is your Swedish family still sending you letters?” I knew it was mean but  it was a fair battle because even if I called him unarmed it didn’t mean he was, he had several  adults backing him including my father. The class laughed at my taunt. “Fay I would like you to stay after class, but for now do read those notes aloud for the class.” I stood up and walked the two steps to the front of the class. Luckily for me I had put all the notes in a stack so I could carry them easily. I looked at the first one. “Number one: Fay, I was hoping you could join us for luck in the back of the cafeteria. From John. Number two: Hey want to go to the beach, I could teach you to swim. -Luke” I look up “Luke thanks but I know how to swim, John… I’ll pass. ” I looked down again “Number three: Hey New girl! What to join the Jocks for lunch? -The football team quarterback Number four: Weirdo, you back off from my man Love Head Cheerleader” I look up again “Mr. Rain should I read the rest of the classes love and hate letters?”  he shook his head, “Please sit down Fay.” My time at Portentum Middle School had begun.

Newly Turned Prologe

Hi, my name is Bella. I am with my mother, father, and my older brother in a part of Hungary called Pocsaj. As we walked around town mom has been showing us all the good places as she grew up here for 2 years of her life. The funny thing is every time she introduces herself they look at me and say “Welcome Bellator de caelo” What does that mean?!?! Then every alley there seems to be a group of gang like people hanging around pointing.  We turn the corner and walk onto the bridge. Right in the middle of the bridge there is a group of dangerous looking people but mom ignores them. Right as we walk up to the gang mom, dad, and Maximus (my brother) look at me and say, ” Good Luck Bellator de caelo ” .  Then they charge at the gang. My whole family would always tell me to believe in the the impossible. The gang are vampire, like I said, impossible. I watch as they suck my mom, then my dad, then Max dry.  One of them that I am guessing is the leader, walks and digs his fangs in my paralyzed body. He takes a gulp them spits it all out and in a voice of distain says, ” Let’s see what they think of a vampire Bellator de caelo.”  I shiver. My body begins to shake and they watch. One of the gang a woman by the voice says, “This is the part where you drop to the ground in pain and either die, or become a vampire. Have fun Bella.” For some reason that I still don’t understand she says my name like it’s poison. Mom always told that Bella means beautiful in Italian but something tells me that is not the only thing it means. Then, the shaking stops. I smile, I am a vampire. Something I never told my parents or my brother was that I have always wanted to be a vampire. I  didn’t because of their  outright hate towards vampires, now I know why, but still vampires! I see them look at each other and I say, ” Fall to the ground with pain? I think, I will have some fun.”  A striking looking lady wearing a blood stained red sweater that hugged every curve of her body and a pair of skinny black jeans. “They said she was a warrior, what forgot to say she was stupid.” She says and they laugh. I smile, “Fun is what I said, not try to get myself killed. Even know that the older the vampire the stronger. I only thing I want to know hell  Bellator de caelo means! ” She looks at me and says, ” The Bellator does not even know what her own title is!” She looks back at the gang of maybe 30 vampires or so now because more and more vampires show up out of no where. While her head is turned I launch myself at her. As I suspected I go much further than planned and I and next to mom’s body. I grab the pepper spray that’s poking out of her purse and I tuck it into my jean pocket. ” I thought you didn’t want a fight. You lied. I don’t like liars so when I hurt you, I will do so in a way that makes you beg for death.” She says looking at me.  I stand up and look back at her before saying, “Okay, but first I would like to know your name.”  She look like she’s deciding where to tell me or to kill me. ” I am called Malum.”  Then she was in front of me and was about to punch me when I lift my hand and grab her hand. I spin her around and before running behind her I say, ” Come on were both vampire’s here, no need to go easy.” Then I feel I am back in high school watching a fight as the vampire’s go OOOOHHHHH. I roll my eyes and then I’m seeing stars as Malum’s fist  connects with my face. I lift the pepper spray and press. I hear a cry and I blink to find her enraged. oops. She grabs me and lifts me over her head. I kick her in the face. She throws me towards a pole, I go passed it and before falling off the bridge I yell, “You missed!” And all I can hear is the wind rushing passed me as I fall.