Hold your breath ’till it’s gone.

You know that feeling when your home alone and you hear the floor creak. How your heart feels like it’s going to beat out of your chest. How you sit, absolutely still, how you wait for another noise. How that noise never comes because you’re just being paranoid.
Imagine that noise comes again. You hear feet walking up the hall. Your door is closed so you hide as fast as you can. The door opens. You’re heart beats so loud. Surely you will be found. You hear a voice like sandpaper on rough wood,
“Come out… Come out… Wherever you are.” The voice is singsong and the pausing sounds like it’s teasing you. Foot steps. Your eye dart from side to side. There is no where to run. The voice again. “Found you.” The words are that are needed. Fear strikes your heart. You gasp. You can hear the smile on the things face. You have been found.

Purple Pencil

I had all but forgotten the purple pencil and the woman that went with it. The way it had fallen to the floor. The way the woman, who was wearing a red tank top leaned over and picked up the pencil. The way the woman had written down a long page of words. The way those words described me. I still remembered them exactly: woman: red hair, green eyes, slim body, red dress with white polka dots.
Now, here she was again. Same cafe, same order (hot chocolate and a bar of milk chocolate). I walked up to her.
“Hi.” I said standing next to the empty chair directly across from her.
“Mmmmm. Quiet.” The woman said as she wrote quickly with the purple pencil. “Just a moment.” She wrote. I waited. My view of time became distorted as there was only her and me in my minds eye. Her writing, me waiting. It may have been an hour. Or, just a few seconds. She looked up and smiled. I smiled. My heart beat fast and hard. My hand resting on the back of the chair that sat across from her.

Star Lit Skies

It was a cool evening and the stars were bright in the dark sky. Jane looked at me with a longing expression and I sighed.

“Again?” I asked and she nodded, so I pulled a dog treat out of my bag and fed it to her. I was a little cold but didn’t really mind. I was wearing a dark leather jacket and grey short sleeve shirt. I looked at the small tattoo at my wrist. I could still remember the pain I felt as I got it. It was small dagger. Small, and out of black ink it was inconspicuous and would go unnoticed if I wore a long shirt. I would be starting the new job tomorrow. I felt sorry for myself and had a sip of the cold coffee by my side. Jane whined again and I briefly rubbed her head.

My dark blue jeans had a rip on the right knee and I was wearing high tops. I ran my fingers through my short black hair and sighed. I heard a car speed by on the nearby high way and I stood. “We should go soon Jane.” Jane barked quietly and I nodded, pretending that she really was talking to me. “Fine, we can stay a while longer.” I sat down.

The moon was so small that it was barely there and tomorrow would be a new moon. I however would be in the city working at a desk job tomorrow. I smiled remembering the look on her face and she smiled. I pulled out a cigarette and lit it up. It really was a nasty habit. If it kept me close to her though it was worth it. I slowly smoked and let the coloured air pass through my lips. I watched at it rose and disappeared. Jane nuzzled my leg sensing my unhappy mood. “You’ll be going to Mom’s for a while Jane, it’s unavoidable. Sorry.” Jane looked at me and I laughed. “I know you don’t like her but you can’t live in this new flat! I’m sure I’ll be fired soon enough.” Jane almost smiled.

Her face as she turned away from me in the airport, her black hair swishing. The click of her heels as she walked away from me. I felt a tear run down my face just as it had all that time ago. I let it fall quietly and I closed my eyes against the stars. I heard a plane pass over head going to the airport to land. My phone buzzed as I got a text on the cheap pay as you go phone. I pulled it out of my pocket and checked the text from Mom. “Go to bed honey, you have a big day tomorrow Love, Mom” It read and I put it back in my pocket. “Did you hear that Jane, Mom’s telling me to go to bed.” I laughed, a little sadly.

Her kiss on my cheek as she told me. Her eyes were sad because she had to go, but excited for this new opportunity. Nothing would stop her, no, nothing could stop her, not even me. She had left, and I stayed here. Sometimes I would wish that I had gone too, but I know it wouldn’t have worked. I shook my head. She had moved on. When she had come to visit last March she had briefly mentioned a man. She had called him handsome and kind, older then I was by a few years. She had called him a good man. They were getting married.

I rub my eyes as I remember all too clearly the way she smiled when she talked about him. What his name was I couldn’t remember, and I didn’t really care. I stood, “We really do need to go now Jane, come on.” She stood and I opened the back door of the Volkswagen beetle. She climbed in and laid on the leather seats, she would be asleep before we got to the road.

The engine purred as I turned the key. I did a U turn and made sure the road was clear before getting on it. I drove home slowly, I wasn’t in any rush. I listened to the soft music on the radio.

“This one is for the love of my life. Could you play Truly Madly Deeply.” The radio caller asked the announcer.

“Of course, what is their name?” She asked kindly and I could feel the caller smile.


“Well Alex is a very lucky young man.” The announcer said and the music started. I smiled, she loved this song. It was our song. The city lights come into my sights and the my sight blurs with silent tears that I quickly wipe away. The lights on the sky scrapers draws closer and the bustle of the city, even during the night, fills my eyes. I notice the stars disappearing as I enter the city.

I stop the car and Jane wakes up. I get out and open her door. She climbs out and rubs briefly against my leg. I close and lock the car. I take a deep breath of dirty city air, I love it. The was to the steps of my flat and unlock the door. Jane runs up the stairs beside me. I get to my door, number 21, and open the door. The dark walls remind me of my loneliness. “

“Go to bed Jane.” She knows the command and runs to her bed near the door and circles four times before laying down. I walk the ten steps to my bed and fall on the bed. I fall asleep thinking of her.

Wings. Part 6

Rose sat in her room and thought about the day. Even if her talk with Sebastian was all a charade she did love him. She had done the closest thing to lying that wasn’t actually lying, she hadn’t mentioned it. In a strange way it was lucky that she and Amber weren’t friends because she wouldn’t have a moment to spare. She cried real tears and didn’t open her eyes again until Medaday at 5:30. She slowly made her way through day after day. Learning to be a Mage was extremely boring. All he did as make her repeat the fire ball spell until it was perfect, then Ice Blow, then wind rush, it was boring. Unfortunately it was due to “Inner conflict” Max had described how if you have a inner conflict it makes your magic weaker. She had noticed that even though he knew quite a lot about magic he never used any. He also was quieter then he had been before Sebastian, he only spoke to inform her. She had be in Helio for 6 weeks when he told they had a test, that day, right then. Max lead her to a large room she had never been before. “Stand on that white line.” Rakmend said from his balcony. She stood on the line and everyone around her moved away. “You were all chosen for this group because you all started around the same time and none of you have any particular powers that would put you in the lead.” Rakmend announced. “You will run five miles top 3 will be written down as a possible warrior… GO!” In a instant everyone was wearing white track suits and we were on a track, the same track that rose practiced on 9 out of 10 days. It took Rose 19 minutes to run the five miles, she was #1. No one really noticed or cared. At the end of the race they were all suddenly back in the large room and they were told to once more stand on the white line. “Now is wresting  you will each be given a partner who is close to your height and weight… Go!” Then everyone was wearing same track suit and they were standing in front of there opponent. Rose was partnered with a sad looking girl with twig arms and stick legs. “I might be skinny but I’ll beat the stuffing out of a monster like you!” She yelled angrily. Rose lifted both fists, faked a punch and swiped her foot under the girl’s legs. The girl laid flat of her back. “How long does my partner need to be on the ground for me to win?” Rose asked loudly. Some laughed. “They must admit defat.” Rose turned to the girl and said, “say uncle.” The girl laughed a pained laugh, “never.” She said. “Then get up.” Rose said. The girl slowly go to her feet and Rose punched her in the face, “get up or say uncle.” The girl got up quicker this time. Rose let her get in a punch, then returned it with 2. One to the stomach one to the nose. The girl now looked pretty beat up, she was missing a few teeth and her nose was broken she likely also had a few cracked ribs, her wings were now wrapped around her in a defensive possession. “Um… I think my opponent has blacked out.” Rose shouted. Two angels with black wings ran over and grabbed her and carried her to the infirmary. “Rose and Wither are now to be pared up with each other, Wither will you please walk over to the glowing ring.” Rose looked down and saw there was a large, now glowing ring around her, around 7 meters in diameter. A teenage boy around 15 -16 year old with large muscles and a smiling face. Rose’s heart dropped, she didn’t want to fight this boy… he looked too much her brother. “Hi my name is Luther Wither.” She smiled a soft smile then something occurred to her, she was still here because she beat someone else, so he must have beat some else. Perfect! they both thought Luther because he considered girl weak and emotional people, Rose because she had a plan. Rose smiled shyly and lied, “Hi I’m Lily.” Don’t show your emotions Rose thought. Heh it’s now my catch line. Luther stuck out his hand and Rose took it, they shook hands. Luther didn’t let go. He flipped her over his shoulder and she lay on the floor unmoving. “Too easy.” Luther said proudly continuing louder, “Hey my opponent…

Meanwhile- Rakmend, Max, Sebastian.

It was a marble room like all the rest. There were two chairs, on occupied by Rakmend the other by Sebastian. Max was standing behind Rakmend. They were looking at a large glass screen showing all the different battles but they only watched Rose’s. “I thought you said she was well trained!” Rakmend yelled at Max. “She just flipped by her second opponent! They watched and listened to Luther say “Hey my opponent is dow…” Then Rose swiped her leg under his feet and was flat on his back. Rose was not one to be violent but she hated him. She sat on him and punched him till he passed out then she stood up and to the side so the medics could take care of him. “That is what I want to see.” said Rakmend. Sebastian looked shell shocked, then he said, “Is she going to become a teacher like Max?” “No she will be my personal guard, with Max.” They watched as Rose beat person after person, some she only hurt them enough to send them on there way, others she beat the stuffing out of. At the end without announcing the winner, Rose, they went to the big room. They went through Core work out, sword fights, Swimming, attack drills. Finally they where transported somewhere other than the big room. Every one was wearing their robes once more. “Okay all now is the most important part of all your lives, The warriors will now be decided.”

Wings. Part 5

Koiday was the worst day of her life. She woke up with 3 minutes to get dressed and get to  class. She threw on a white robe and ran to class just in time for 6. The moment she touched the mat Max punched her in the face. “Your distracted.” He said without doubt. “Can I learn to be a mage?” She said trying to dodge. Max faked a punch and swiped her off her feet. “No.”  “Why not?” She asked as she jumped to her feet and tried to retaliate, and failed. “Three reasons: one because I said so, two because mages are weak, three, when you study, from what I understand you have dinner then you go to sleep.” Max said. Rose blushed and gave Max the chance to give her several more bruises, and a broken nose. “Lucky for you I’m in a good mood, only 5 extra miles today. Go get cleaned up and meet me at the track.” Rose went and got her her self into the infirmary. While the nurse got her cleaned up Rose thought about how much more social Max was now compared to when she met him.

Meanwhile – Seth (That’s not actually his name.)

“Sebastian! Get Up!” Sebastian lay on the ground thinking of the grey eyed girl. Her strange hair. “Sebastian… did something happen over the Radi?” Tanner, Sebastian’s trainer asked. “That girl…” Sebastian started  How do you describe perfection? He closed his eyes and smiled at her face in his mind. “Tell me about her.” Tanner said rolling his eyes. He was a stickler for the rules, they were there for a reason. However he could see Sebastian was not going to be get any learning in that day. “She has must be a skunk because there must be some nox in her but she is mostly lilac… except…” He started thinking about how white her hair was, but then when she was mad it became mostly black with some white tips. That sounds like that Rose girl, the one with grey wings! Tanner thought. “What was her name?” he asked sounding mildly interested. “Rose.” Sebastian said in a love struck voice. “I have to go, stay here.” Tanner said. At first be began running to talk to Max, her trainer but chanced courses as it did involve Sebastian. Into the meeting room Tanner ran. “Tanner, why are you not training Sebastian!” Rakmend asked/yelled. “Sir…” Tanner panted. “Sir your son *pant* is in love with *pant* the creature Rose!” “What!!!!” Rakmend yelled.

Meanwhile – Rose

Rose was sitting in the infirmary getting the last of her scraps and bruises healed when Max burst in and grabbed Rose by the arm and dragged her to the Meeting room. Max burst through the doors and threw Rose to the ground.  “When did you meet Sebastian?” Rakmend demanded. “I have never met anyone with the name Sebastian, I don’t think.” Rose said defiantly. “MAX!” Rakmend yelled. Max roughly turned said, “What did you do on Redi other than have breakfast with your fake friend Amber?” Rose was furious one for bringing her here, and two FAKE FRIEND! “I wandered the halls and met a new fake friend Seth.” She told Max. “Sir” a man Rose hadn’t before noticed said, “Seth is what Sebastian goes by when he doesn’t want people to know who he is.” “Thank you Tanner.” Rakmend said smugly “Rose I deem you a liar, your sentence to wear your wings whenever you are not training or resting in your room. Open them now. Now with open wings go say hi to Sebastian.” “I know no Sebastian, so I will do so with pleasure.” Rose said coldly as she opened her wings. Tanner walked in front of Max so as to lead them to Sebastian. Max roughly grabbed Roses arm and dragged her out of the room. As soon as they were out of Rakmend’s sight Rose pulled Max’s hand off her arm and said, “I  can walk Thank You.” In silence they walked down the halls. Rose wanted to run, to hide. But she knew Max he would grab her and drag her there. Tanner opened a door and said, “Sebastian I would like you to meet someone.” Rose, without looking at Sebastian walked into the room, bowed and said, “Pleasure to meet the high ranking Sebastian.” “Rose…” Sebastian started. He felt horrible, he wanted to go kiss her and tell her he was sorry, then he felt something else, anger. “Looks like I’m not the only one who lied.” He said viciously. “Never have and never would lie you Mr. Sebastian.” Rose said keeping her eyes down cast.  Sebastian walked up to Rose and grabbed her robe as Tanner and Max watched. “Look at me, you LIED. Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t know me” Sebastian yelled at her stone cold face. Emotionless she said, “It would be rude of a creature such as my myself to look you in the eye, however I can honestly say I never lied to Mr. Sebastian” Sebastian’s fists tightened on Rose’s robe. “Look me in the eye, I demand it.” Rose looked up at him small tears in the corner of her  eyes. His eyes softened, then hardened again. “Now tell me you never lied to Seth.” Rose looked at him with sad eyes then said, “I never lied to you.” Then quieter said, “I didn’t want to lose so I just skipped it.” Then she desperately tore away weeping and ran from the room. She stepped to the side and stopped crying “Never show your true emotion.” Max told me that well I showed him what he wanted and hopefully when Max comes out I can finish the plan. Rose thought wiping the last signs of sadness from her face. Within the minute Max came out no doubt ready to drag a crying Rose back to training. He was not however prepared for a stone face Rose. “It was all a act?” He asked curiously. “Yep.” Rose said turning toward the track. As they walked Max looked at Rose. That day when they ran 20 miles Rose did so silently with the exception of her panting, she ran and she staggered. Not once did she try to fly or walk. At lunch when food was thrown at her she made her wings scaly and dragon like. She ignored the fact that Amber ignored her. After lunch she swan her laps with extra time so they did pull ups, push ups, sit ups, ect. After which before she left Max stopped her and said, “We’re starting Mage craft. Redi 6 Mage academy.” In response Rose opened her wings and left. Worst day EVER.

Wings. Part 4

It had been 3 weeks from the day Rose started training. Unless she hadn’t finished her lesson or still had some work to do Rose usually finished between 6:00 and 6:30 after which she would go eat and half listen to Amber then go to bed. Amber always asked who her teacher was but Rose always found away to avoid giving a answer. On Redi Rose would eat a long breakfast with Amber then go to the training room and do pull up or whatever was hardest, then she would wander through the halls find stuff like a library and a academy of magic. Today she was wandering when she ran into a tall blonde mage, or she assumed he was a mage as a moment ago he hadn’t been there. “Sorry!” Rose said blushing and biting her lip. “No problem, it’s not your fault I have no control over my teleportation. Here let me walk you to your designation.” He said, his snow white wings fluttering nervously. “It’s okay I’m actually just wandering.” She voice wavered slightly. What it happening! He looks like everyone else, okay maybe a bit more handsome but still… Rose had never believed in true love not even plain love but the flutter in her heart said otherwise “Well like said I will join you, if that’s okay…” He said a little nervous. What’s wrong with me! She… she looks different, beautiful. That’s it she is the most beautiful girl you’ve ever met heh. He thought it was silly because she was obviously not pure Lilac her grey eyes said maybe 2 or 3 generations ago there was a nox. “I’m Rose.” She said. She was now calm, well calmer. Max had taught her that showing her feeling is like shouting what her next move is in a sword fight, lethal. So calm, must not know who I am. Let’s keep it that way. He thought looking at Rose intently. “I’m Seth.” He twitched a smile. They began down the hall neither talking about lineage or wings. Seth because he thought she must be ashamed of her black wings, Rose because she didn’t want to lose her new friend. Somehow they found them selves at the mage academy. “So your a mage?” Rose asked.  “Normally yes I would be but my father thinks that warriors are mightier than the mage so I am learning to be a warrior. Even with my horrible skills I will become one.” He said sadly. “Why?” Rose asked intrigued. Seth blushed and looked away.  What is it that makes me say more than I should with her!? Seth thought. For a second it was quiet then Seth changed the topic and they continued. They walked until Rose’s stomach growled. “What time is it!?” Rose asked incredulously. Seth looked down at his wrist watch. “6:46” Rose stared at him, “You have a wrist watch, only the rich have those you lied to me.” She said seriously. She looked up and down him analyzing just how rich he was. His green eyes glittered with sadness. Red rope necklace, White t-shirt with a flower design on the collar, Black three quarter sleeve jacket, Black gloves, Dark blue jeans, black converse like sneakers. “Bye.” She said turning around and walking away he just stood there watching as the girl he was sure he loved walked away. She waited until she was a few corners away before she cried. Thank god I don’t believe in love otherwise I would be heartbroken. I’m just some unknown strange grey winged abomination. She thought as she ran into her bedroom. She cried herself to sleep.

Wings. Part 2

The voice came from a tall man his hair was a silvery white and he had one white feathery  wing the other black and leathery. One eye was a piercing blue the other a deep black that if you weren’t careful you could fall into. Max came out, he looked up expectantly at the voice ignoring the fact I had huge grey scaled wings. Grey… that was the problem. I looked around, one side was full of people with blonde, or white hair and blue eyes and white feathery wings. The other side was full of dark hair and dark eyes with black, dark purple, or dark red leathery wings. My wings currently had scales and were grey. My hair was short and cropped around the face I had no idea what color my hair was. “Max, what is this creature and what is to be done?” The voice said. “Rakmend Blasdel, I believe this creature is a winged one like everyone in this hall. Which side she is I am not sure.”  “Max do what it ever it take to find out what it is.” Rakmend called me a “it”! Max walked closer to me.  “close your wings and turn around.” “No.” I said I decided that I would not be blindfolded again.  “Only I can cut that string around your wrist.” Max said, that was his mistake. My right wing shot out and cut Max’s arm, blood immediately covered the horn. The blood covered horn quickly and easily cut through the string. Flapping my wings a few time I rose to the white marble stand on which Rakmend stood. “I am not a “it” ” I whispered quietly then I plummeted down to the platform I had been standing on before. “Now I will go.” I told Max. Smaller, much smaller She thought. and her wings became small wings the size of two hands. Max turns without a word and walks out. I follow him through the archway I assume was the way we got in. He turns down a dark hallway and in to a room with nothing in it. As soon as I walking in he turned around and closed the door. “What are you?” He asked. “Who’s child are you?” “Wha…?” I said confused. “Tell me the story of your life.”  Max said with limited patience. “Um.. My mom is Victoria, my is Ruth I ran away from home when I was 14 almost 15 I died when I was 16…” I said unsure of what else to say.  “Did you have sibling, why did you run away?” Max asked straight faced. “I have a brother Falkner. I ran away because my parents hated me. I think they hated me because I was different…” I said  “advena puer” He muttered “Perfect she will be my guard, teach her!” The voice said