Star Lit Skies

It was a cool evening and the stars were bright in the dark sky. Jane looked at me with a longing expression and I sighed.

“Again?” I asked and she nodded, so I pulled a dog treat out of my bag and fed it to her. I was a little cold but didn’t really mind. I was wearing a dark leather jacket and grey short sleeve shirt. I looked at the small tattoo at my wrist. I could still remember the pain I felt as I got it. It was small dagger. Small, and out of black ink it was inconspicuous and would go unnoticed if I wore a long shirt. I would be starting the new job tomorrow. I felt sorry for myself and had a sip of the cold coffee by my side. Jane whined again and I briefly rubbed her head.

My dark blue jeans had a rip on the right knee and I was wearing high tops. I ran my fingers through my short black hair and sighed. I heard a car speed by on the nearby high way and I stood. “We should go soon Jane.” Jane barked quietly and I nodded, pretending that she really was talking to me. “Fine, we can stay a while longer.” I sat down.

The moon was so small that it was barely there and tomorrow would be a new moon. I however would be in the city working at a desk job tomorrow. I smiled remembering the look on her face and she smiled. I pulled out a cigarette and lit it up. It really was a nasty habit. If it kept me close to her though it was worth it. I slowly smoked and let the coloured air pass through my lips. I watched at it rose and disappeared. Jane nuzzled my leg sensing my unhappy mood. “You’ll be going to Mom’s for a while Jane, it’s unavoidable. Sorry.” Jane looked at me and I laughed. “I know you don’t like her but you can’t live in this new flat! I’m sure I’ll be fired soon enough.” Jane almost smiled.

Her face as she turned away from me in the airport, her black hair swishing. The click of her heels as she walked away from me. I felt a tear run down my face just as it had all that time ago. I let it fall quietly and I closed my eyes against the stars. I heard a plane pass over head going to the airport to land. My phone buzzed as I got a text on the cheap pay as you go phone. I pulled it out of my pocket and checked the text from Mom. “Go to bed honey, you have a big day tomorrow Love, Mom” It read and I put it back in my pocket. “Did you hear that Jane, Mom’s telling me to go to bed.” I laughed, a little sadly.

Her kiss on my cheek as she told me. Her eyes were sad because she had to go, but excited for this new opportunity. Nothing would stop her, no, nothing could stop her, not even me. She had left, and I stayed here. Sometimes I would wish that I had gone too, but I know it wouldn’t have worked. I shook my head. She had moved on. When she had come to visit last March she had briefly mentioned a man. She had called him handsome and kind, older then I was by a few years. She had called him a good man. They were getting married.

I rub my eyes as I remember all too clearly the way she smiled when she talked about him. What his name was I couldn’t remember, and I didn’t really care. I stood, “We really do need to go now Jane, come on.” She stood and I opened the back door of the Volkswagen beetle. She climbed in and laid on the leather seats, she would be asleep before we got to the road.

The engine purred as I turned the key. I did a U turn and made sure the road was clear before getting on it. I drove home slowly, I wasn’t in any rush. I listened to the soft music on the radio.

“This one is for the love of my life. Could you play Truly Madly Deeply.” The radio caller asked the announcer.

“Of course, what is their name?” She asked kindly and I could feel the caller smile.


“Well Alex is a very lucky young man.” The announcer said and the music started. I smiled, she loved this song. It was our song. The city lights come into my sights and the my sight blurs with silent tears that I quickly wipe away. The lights on the sky scrapers draws closer and the bustle of the city, even during the night, fills my eyes. I notice the stars disappearing as I enter the city.

I stop the car and Jane wakes up. I get out and open her door. She climbs out and rubs briefly against my leg. I close and lock the car. I take a deep breath of dirty city air, I love it. The was to the steps of my flat and unlock the door. Jane runs up the stairs beside me. I get to my door, number 21, and open the door. The dark walls remind me of my loneliness. “

“Go to bed Jane.” She knows the command and runs to her bed near the door and circles four times before laying down. I walk the ten steps to my bed and fall on the bed. I fall asleep thinking of her.


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