Wings. Part 4

It had been 3 weeks from the day Rose started training. Unless she hadn’t finished her lesson or still had some work to do Rose usually finished between 6:00 and 6:30 after which she would go eat and half listen to Amber then go to bed. Amber always asked who her teacher was but Rose always found away to avoid giving a answer. On Redi Rose would eat a long breakfast with Amber then go to the training room and do pull up or whatever was hardest, then she would wander through the halls find stuff like a library and a academy of magic. Today she was wandering when she ran into a tall blonde mage, or she assumed he was a mage as a moment ago he hadn’t been there. “Sorry!” Rose said blushing and biting her lip. “No problem, it’s not your fault I have no control over my teleportation. Here let me walk you to your designation.” He said, his snow white wings fluttering nervously. “It’s okay I’m actually just wandering.” She voice wavered slightly. What it happening! He looks like everyone else, okay maybe a bit more handsome but still… Rose had never believed in true love not even plain love but the flutter in her heart said otherwise “Well like said I will join you, if that’s okay…” He said a little nervous. What’s wrong with me! She… she looks different, beautiful. That’s it she is the most beautiful girl you’ve ever met heh. He thought it was silly because she was obviously not pure Lilac her grey eyes said maybe 2 or 3 generations ago there was a nox. “I’m Rose.” She said. She was now calm, well calmer. Max had taught her that showing her feeling is like shouting what her next move is in a sword fight, lethal. So calm, must not know who I am. Let’s keep it that way. He thought looking at Rose intently. “I’m Seth.” He twitched a smile. They began down the hall neither talking about lineage or wings. Seth because he thought she must be ashamed of her black wings, Rose because she didn’t want to lose her new friend. Somehow they found them selves at the mage academy. “So your a mage?” Rose asked.  “Normally yes I would be but my father thinks that warriors are mightier than the mage so I am learning to be a warrior. Even with my horrible skills I will become one.” He said sadly. “Why?” Rose asked intrigued. Seth blushed and looked away.  What is it that makes me say more than I should with her!? Seth thought. For a second it was quiet then Seth changed the topic and they continued. They walked until Rose’s stomach growled. “What time is it!?” Rose asked incredulously. Seth looked down at his wrist watch. “6:46” Rose stared at him, “You have a wrist watch, only the rich have those you lied to me.” She said seriously. She looked up and down him analyzing just how rich he was. His green eyes glittered with sadness. Red rope necklace, White t-shirt with a flower design on the collar, Black three quarter sleeve jacket, Black gloves, Dark blue jeans, black converse like sneakers. “Bye.” She said turning around and walking away he just stood there watching as the girl he was sure he loved walked away. She waited until she was a few corners away before she cried. Thank god I don’t believe in love otherwise I would be heartbroken. I’m just some unknown strange grey winged abomination. She thought as she ran into her bedroom. She cried herself to sleep.


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