Wings. Part 3

In Helio (that’s what that place is called) has different days. There are 10 days in a week, Koiday, Medaday, Shundi, Lurki, Fendi, Jionday, Ledi, Sadi, Famday, and one day of rest, Redi. On Koiday Rose was to start her training. But first she had Redi. On Redi NO ONE works ever… with the exception of the Redi-Guard. Rose was shown to the room she would be staying in, it was so small she couldn’t open her wings in the regular size. Quite literally there was a bed and a desk/dresser and a mini closet full of white robes. The sheets were white with a plain red blankets. Rose slept into almost 4 on Redi. Then she walked down to the dining room she’d been showed the night before. This afternoon though it was different there were people just hanging around chatting instead of like last night where everyone was on a mission and no one could rest. Today though there were clumps of people talking and laughing. Everyone was wearing normal clothing. Rose momentarily checked to make sure she had her wings in then she walked into the room. A girl from the table near the door stood up and walked to Rose. “Hi I’m Ambrosia, I go by Amber. You must be new cause I’ve never seen you before. Who’s your teacher? Here I’ll show you where to get food, since it’s Redi no one works so you have to get your own food and wash your own dishes.” Amber talked all the way into the kitchen and only stopped to breathe. “Here’s some Lucky Bits, there the best cereal! Bowls are over here, and spoons here. Here’s some water. Come on you can sit with me at the table by the door.”IMG_2411 Amber was talking and moving so fast that before Rose could even try to get her cereal Amber was walking to door to go back into the dining room. Once Amber and Rose where both sitting down Amber stopped her rapid fire and carefully started asking questions. “When did you arrive” Amber asked. Rose being hungry kept eating so her reply was, “Ymth dthm” Amber frowned “Or were you born here like most of us, usually though they come to train earlier…” Between bites Rose managed, “Yesterday…” Then continued eating. “Who’s your trainer? Leslie’s good but usually the people she trains become cleaners or something. Aaron’s tough but many of his students become warrior’s…” On and on she continued until Rose finished her cereal and left leaving Amber eating her dinner cereal with a friend named Beata, apparently it means blessed one, and for good reason too. Beata had long legs and long light brown hair in a braid down to the waist tied with a stoney hair band that would hurt if it hit you. Lucky, wings only came up briefly so Rose managed not to show her true colors. Due to getting lose a few times it was half past 8 when she got back so she put on some comfy clothes and went to bed.

Rose awoke at 6:02 to the sound of Max’s foot steps and his voice saying, ” 6 I said 6, I said the training room at six, I did, did I not. Lazy girl.” Rose literally flew out of bed and had thrown on a white robe before he opened her door without knocking. “I SAID 6 WHEN I SAY 6 WHAT TIME SHOULD YOU BE THERE, 6! IF I MUST TRAIN SOMEONE THEN THEY WILL DO WHAT I SAY WHEN I SAY IT! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!” He yelled. “Yes.” Rose answered quickly. Then he turned around and left. Rose tried to keep up but had to fly to do so. “No flying in the halls.” Max said as they walked/ran through a maze of turns and twists. When they finally got to the training room it was 6:05 Max walked onto a blue mat that had seen much blood and much sweat. The moment Rose touched the mat Max was beating down upon her, kick to stomach, punch to the chin, right hook, left hook. Within 3 minutes Rose had at least one broken bone and several missing teeth. “Go to the infirmary, it’s right through that door.” Rose walked though the doors to the infirmary and into the rows of beds on the wall to the right there was a big red button that said, Call Nurse. So Rose pushed the button and there was instantly a nurse with platinum colored hair rushing her to a bed. “Max said he had a new trainee but your in such good condition…” The lady said. Rose looked down and noticed one of the bruises had already disappeared. Silently the woman drew ruins with her finger onto Rose skin and one at a time Rose body put itself back together. At 6:20 she walked back out good as new. “Time for a run, we will run 15 miles then you get to have breakfast.” Max said leaving. When they got to the track Max turned to Rose and said, “Imagine your robe as a track suit.” She did, and it became a white stretchy track suit in just the right size. “Now run.” Rose ran, and ran, and ran, and ran. She thought she had good stamina in life well in death she did too but by mile 3 she was tired. She tried to stop but Max refused to let her eat until her ran her miles. She ran, she walked, she staggered. Every time she walked or pulled out her wings Max told her to stop, and to 50 push ups. It was noon when she finally finished. 12:08 to be exact. “You have lunch until 12:15 at 12:20 be at the training room. No flying. Go.” Rose would have ran to lunch but she couldn’t, amazingly she found her way without a trouble, amazing what a nose can do when your hungry and you smell food. When she got in line behind other people wearing robes. When it was her turn the man behind the counter with black hair said, ” Name?” “Rose.” Rose said He looked up and down her then began heaping food onto a plate. Huge salad, veggie kebab, mashed potatoes, two whole sliced apples, one whole sliced pepper and a whole plate of pasta with red sauce stuffed with veggies. “No meat?” Rose asked looking at the juicy ribs. “Max’s orders, no meat, or fish. Would you like some cheese on your pasta?” The man asked “Yes please.” On top of the cheese he dumped a pile of crushed nuts. Rose sat down alone and scarfed as fast as she could manage without puking. She had 7 minutes to spare so she chugged a extra glass of water and waited a minute, then two before casually strolling to class so as not to puke. When she walked in he had two skipping ropes in his hands and was waiting.  No “your on time” nothing just, “Start skipping and don’t stop till I tell you too.” She started skipping as best she could, 1,2,3,4,5,6 catch, 1,2,3, catch. On and on. When she thought she was going to puke she sucked it up because he wouldn’t let her stop likely he would just yell at her FOR stoping – to puke. 1:00 went by so did 1:30 and 1:45 but at 1:57 she puked. And she was right he ignored the puke on his left sneaker and yelled, “Keep jumping!” At 2:30 after slipping in her puke of another half hour they stopped and Max told her to get cleaned off in the restroom on the right. When she came out the floor was clean, there were other people practicing and Max waiting by the door. When she came over he walked out and like a well trained puppy Rose followed. Max finally stopped in front of a door that read  Sw m  ng  o m. They went inside and Max told her to think of a bathing suit.  She did and he laughed at her outfit, she was wearing board shorts and a rash guard with a one piece underneath. “you can swim?” Max asked “yes but…” Rose started “up and back that’s one, do 100 laps.” He said pointing to the “lap pool” Then he jumped in and started breaststroking down the pool. She jumped in with out hesitation. AHHHHH! she thought  it was freezing like it was literally cooled down. She swam back and forth as best as her tired hungry body could until she got to 100. At this point she said “done!”  Max yelled, “Dismissed be at the Training room at 6:00” Rose walked out of the Swim room and looked at a clock, 6:50. She half ran half walked to dinner where she had a large plate of food then went to bed.


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