A Stone Love

Every girl in high school know the statue that sits on a bench over looking the ocean. It’s a stone statue of a boy, in his arm there is just enough room for a 15 year old girl. I was 10 when I planted a camera five feet from the boy. One after noon I watched hours of videos of girls of all ages walking down the rocks, curling up in his arms and talking to him or just sitting in silence. The stone boy is called Aeternum it means forever in Latin. There is a silent rule, no one can call him anything else, if you do you are shunned until you ask him for forgiveness, and  he always forgives. They  treat him as if he is real, but he has no enemies. Fathers like him better then any boyfriend, mothers know everyone needs someone, and boyfriends are just ignorant of the whole thing. Any graffiti is promptly scrubbed off. All this changed last year. Someone built a beautiful girl made of sand that fit perfectly in his arms. No one knocks her down because she his so beautiful. No one can sit with him, and they can’t talk to him because of her, she is called Clepta, thief in Latin. A Stone Love, a love story that ends a tragedy.

“A thing of Darkness” 1

I guess the story stars early October.  It starts with me, Fay and my younger sister Diana. I am a plain scheming 13 year old girl who has a over active imagination. My sister Diana who loves me very much, is popular, smart, and pretty with her long curly hair. I recently stopped traveling with my dad so I am starting school in a small town in California. I live with my sister who doesn’t travel and my mom who divorced my dad. Anyway I was walking Diana to school as it is on the way to the old middle school. Today’s my first day and it already sucks. Dad always did the wash on Saturday, mom does the wash on Monday. Today! So most of my t-shirts are in the wash so I’m wearing a black three quarter sleeve t-shirt and dark blue jeans, then as a jacket I am wearing a black cloak! I drop Diana off at the gate and start heading to the middle school. I can literally hear everyone whispering, half are whispering about the new girl, me. The other half are whispering about the girl in the black cloak, me again. Now boys are not my  speciality  but when their mouths hang open and most of them are whispering, “Who is THAT?!” You get the idea you made a impression. As for the girls, the ones with boys are giving me the death glare. All the other girls look like they want to be me. The teachers hated me on sight. When I met the Vice principle the first thing he said was, “We do not except bad behavior at this school.” The teachers put me in the front of the class so I wouldn’t pass notes. Whom would I pass notes to, I don’t know anyone! In english I learned more from all the notes I was getting from different boys then from the teacher. In math I got a larger number of notes then questions on the quiz. But I must say that geography was my favorite class. The teacher noticed the rather large number of notes on my desk. It when like this.

“Fay, would you like to bless us with your attention instead of all those notes.”  I smiled, “Mr. Rain I do not even know the people I am getting these notes from, however since you are talking about Sweden so much may I ask if you have a connection there?” He smiled back in a you are playing with fire sort of way. “You may ask but that doesn’t mean I will answer.” I raised my eyebrow, “Sir I don’t  normally attack a unarmed man in a battle of wits but I must ask, is your Swedish family still sending you letters?” I knew it was mean but  it was a fair battle because even if I called him unarmed it didn’t mean he was, he had several  adults backing him including my father. The class laughed at my taunt. “Fay I would like you to stay after class, but for now do read those notes aloud for the class.” I stood up and walked the two steps to the front of the class. Luckily for me I had put all the notes in a stack so I could carry them easily. I looked at the first one. “Number one: Fay, I was hoping you could join us for luck in the back of the cafeteria. From John. Number two: Hey want to go to the beach, I could teach you to swim. -Luke” I look up “Luke thanks but I know how to swim, John… I’ll pass. ” I looked down again “Number three: Hey New girl! What to join the Jocks for lunch? -The football team quarterback Number four: Weirdo, you back off from my man Love Head Cheerleader” I look up again “Mr. Rain should I read the rest of the classes love and hate letters?”  he shook his head, “Please sit down Fay.” My time at Portentum Middle School had begun.