Newly Turned Prologe

Hi, my name is Bella. I am with my mother, father, and my older brother in a part of Hungary called Pocsaj. As we walked around town mom has been showing us all the good places as she grew up here for 2 years of her life. The funny thing is every time she introduces herself they look at me and say “Welcome Bellator de caelo” What does that mean?!?! Then every alley there seems to be a group of gang like people hanging around pointing.  We turn the corner and walk onto the bridge. Right in the middle of the bridge there is a group of dangerous looking people but mom ignores them. Right as we walk up to the gang mom, dad, and Maximus (my brother) look at me and say, ” Good Luck Bellator de caelo ” .  Then they charge at the gang. My whole family would always tell me to believe in the the impossible. The gang are vampire, like I said, impossible. I watch as they suck my mom, then my dad, then Max dry.  One of them that I am guessing is the leader, walks and digs his fangs in my paralyzed body. He takes a gulp them spits it all out and in a voice of distain says, ” Let’s see what they think of a vampire Bellator de caelo.”  I shiver. My body begins to shake and they watch. One of the gang a woman by the voice says, “This is the part where you drop to the ground in pain and either die, or become a vampire. Have fun Bella.” For some reason that I still don’t understand she says my name like it’s poison. Mom always told that Bella means beautiful in Italian but something tells me that is not the only thing it means. Then, the shaking stops. I smile, I am a vampire. Something I never told my parents or my brother was that I have always wanted to be a vampire. I  didn’t because of their  outright hate towards vampires, now I know why, but still vampires! I see them look at each other and I say, ” Fall to the ground with pain? I think, I will have some fun.”  A striking looking lady wearing a blood stained red sweater that hugged every curve of her body and a pair of skinny black jeans. “They said she was a warrior, what forgot to say she was stupid.” She says and they laugh. I smile, “Fun is what I said, not try to get myself killed. Even know that the older the vampire the stronger. I only thing I want to know hell  Bellator de caelo means! ” She looks at me and says, ” The Bellator does not even know what her own title is!” She looks back at the gang of maybe 30 vampires or so now because more and more vampires show up out of no where. While her head is turned I launch myself at her. As I suspected I go much further than planned and I and next to mom’s body. I grab the pepper spray that’s poking out of her purse and I tuck it into my jean pocket. ” I thought you didn’t want a fight. You lied. I don’t like liars so when I hurt you, I will do so in a way that makes you beg for death.” She says looking at me.  I stand up and look back at her before saying, “Okay, but first I would like to know your name.”  She look like she’s deciding where to tell me or to kill me. ” I am called Malum.”  Then she was in front of me and was about to punch me when I lift my hand and grab her hand. I spin her around and before running behind her I say, ” Come on were both vampire’s here, no need to go easy.” Then I feel I am back in high school watching a fight as the vampire’s go OOOOHHHHH. I roll my eyes and then I’m seeing stars as Malum’s fist  connects with my face. I lift the pepper spray and press. I hear a cry and I blink to find her enraged. oops. She grabs me and lifts me over her head. I kick her in the face. She throws me towards a pole, I go passed it and before falling off the bridge I yell, “You missed!” And all I can hear is the wind rushing passed me as I fall.

Vampires AYNTK

AYNTK means All You Need To Know

The common misconception is that Vampires originate from Transylvania. No this is wrong.  Vampires originate in Pocsaj.  Then, vampire hunters arrived in Pocsaj. Many vampires started new lives in Transylvania which at the time was part of Hungary. However many stayed and acted like they were from Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, and Romania to avoid suspicion.

The start of Vampires lays with a disease commonly known as Vampire Disease .  The Vampire Disease has been around forever. However the first Vampire was Remus.  He was born with the vampire disease.  Romulus and Remus were nursed by a she-wolf. When Remus was nearly 2 years old a vampire bat bit him thinking he was a wolf pup, Remus killed the bat and ate it. Until adulthood Remus would sneak out at night to feed upon cows blood like a vampire bat. During Romulus and Remus’s famous fight Remus by mistake got some of his brothers blood in his mouth. Distracted by the amazing taste of his brothers blood Romulus was able to knock Remus out. This is the interesting part, then mixing Godly heritage (Never ending life), Vampire disease (Avoiding sunlight, Fang looking teeth), Blood of a vampire bat (Thirst of blood),  and His twin brothers blood (Addiction to human blood) Remus’s pulse stopped. When Romulus checked his pulse, it was gone there for Romulus thought he had killed his brother. That is how Remus became the first vampire.

Vampire BatOk a few things here. First I plan on doing several AYNTKs.  Second: if you don’t understand something or feel something is missing please click on one of the links. if that doesn’t help, you can place a comment and I will try to make it clearer. Finally I have nothing against people who have the vampire disease!

Tiny Dreams

Newly Turned Chapter 1

I have only been a vampire for 5 minutes and yet I am already in a fight. My opponent throws me off the bridge and I land on a boat that was passing by. I am only 15 and yet I am on a 21+ cruise boat. Oops… ( I am not 15) I really wish I was 21 right now as the chef is walking onto the deck. He is coming this way. “Your choice of clothes is interesting for a romantic cruise.” He says with his eye brow raised. I look down. and I am wearing a pair of tattered jeans and a dirty t-shirt, I am also 21 or so. “Well…” I begin trying to think of a explanation. “Where is your date, it is not safe for a lady out at night alone, particularly in Pocsaj.” I smile and flash him a bone white fang. “Oh yes of course, my boyfriend is just grabbing a drink.” I say.  He looks a little disappointed. “I see… How long has it been?” He asks. I assume he means how long have I been a vampire. Suddenly I shrink, but instead of being 15 I am like 8. “Around 7 minutes.” I say. He is about to say something when a guest comes out. ” Zoey I told you to go to bed!” He yells at me, pretending that I am his daughter, Zoey.  He leans down and says, “Room 145 B, 5 minutes” He wants to meet, in 5 minutes, in room 145 B. “Yes daddy. ” I sigh and walk towards what I am guessing are the rooms but as soon as I turn the corner I jump. I dive silently into the water and think, Sorry but I have business to attend to.